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A broad range of machining variations achieved by the turret tool post & sub spindle.

  • Fixed-head stock
  • Eco
  • Slanted dovetail
  • XYZ axes control turret

Tool Post

  Tool Post Tooling
Turning tool max.2 tools
Front-end working tool max.3 tools/station
Rear-end working tool max.3 tools/station
Power-driven tool max.2 tools/station


Item SG-42
Max.machining diameter ø42mm(1-21/32in)
Max.machining length Bar diameter×2.5
(max.100mm) (3-15/16in)
Tool post configuration 10 stations
Turning tool 1 tool/station(□20mm) ,
Sleeve holder Number of tools max.3 tools/station
Max.drilling capability ø23mm(29/32in)
Max.tapping capability M16×P2.0
Power-driven att. Number of tools max.2 tools/station
Max.drilling capability ø10mm(25/64in)
Max.tapping capability M8×P1.25
Spindle speed max.5,700min-1
Drive motor 2.7kw(Continuous) / 4.0kw(5min./30%ED)
Rapid feed rate 30m/min(X,Z,ZB) , 15m/min(Y)
Main spindle indexing angle C-axis control
Main spindle speed max.7,000min-1
Main spindle motor 7.5kw(Continuous) / 11.0kw(10min./25%ED)
Dimensions (W×D×H) 2,615×1,430×1,700mm
Weight 3,050kg
Power consumption 11.0KVA

Backworking Attachment

Item SG-42
Max.chucking diameter ø42mm(1-21/32in)
Max.length for front ejection 100mm(3-15/16in)
Max.work projection length 75mm(2-61/64in)
Sub spindle indexing angle C-axis control
Sub spindle speed max.7,000min-1
Sub spindle motor 5.5kw(Continuous)/7.5kw(10min./40%ED)
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