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Machine Tools

High-performance machine tools created by users who understand the real needs of manufacturers

Machine tool manufacturing at Star Micronics began when we started making our own machine tools for use on our component production lines.

Because we use these products too, we can manufacture machine tools that accurately address user requirements. Our global development of this business began in 1962 with the first export sale of an Automatic Lathe to a customer in the U.K. Today, we have a manufacturing, sales and service network in the U.S. and Europe, and more recently in Asia, a region now seen as one of the world's most important manufacturing locations.

Leveraging the latest technologies, including our proprietary Star Motion Control System for optimizing machining operations, we work tirelessly to satisfy customer needs.

Machine Tools, CNC Swiss Type Automatic Lathes, CNC Automatic Lathes, Turning Center

Star Micronics' machine tools
-producing precision components with high accuracy-

Star Micronics' machine tools are mainly the so-called. Swiss Type Automatic Lathe (known as Sliding Head-type Automatic Lathe), which is the type suitable for small size precision component processing with high accuracy. This type of machine tools have been originally devised to mass-produce wristwatch components; however, the applications have been extended to the processing of not only automotive components but also digital equipment and medical components in recent years.
In various cutting-edge products such as automobiles with advanced functionality, and digital equipment with advanced downsizing, small parts with high-precision are needed for components used in these products as well. Star Micronics' machine tools are just the products, which meet the processing needs of current cutting-edge products. Besides Swiss Type Automatic Lathes, Star Micronics has developed products that go beyond traditional parameters, such as turning centers for small precision components and Fixed-Headstock Automatic Lathes. In this manner, Star Micronics provides an extensive range of products as a comprehensive CNC Automatic Lathe manufacturer.

High-end Model, Mass-market Model

Swiss Type Automatic Lathes

The Swiss Type Automatic Lathe has been devised as wristwatch component processing machinery in Switzerland in 1870s. Known as "Sliding Head-type Automatic Lathe" as well. It has remarkable characteristics of high-precision cutting of the components with longer component length compared with the diameter. Processing ranges are equal or less than 1mm for small-diameter processing and some 38mm for large-diameter processing. In general, if long and narrow parts are processed with a general-purpose lathe (Fig. 2), flexure will occur on the workpiece, making the finishing with the correct dimension impossible. With the Swiss Type Automatic Lathe (Fig. 1), the guide bush, which works as bracing equipment for materials, is used and only the cutting movement to the direction of outside diameter is applied to the tools at the constant distance from the guide bush. Therefore, flexure will not occur on the workpiece, and high-precision cutting is available.
In addition, regarding the movement to the axis direction, the machine is constructed to work by the movement of the headstock with the material caught in it rather than the movement of the tool post.

Swiss Type Automatic Lathes, General-purpose Lathe

The Star Motion Control System

The Star Motion Control System can control the position of multiple tools, tool feed rate and machining speed. Each control system is able to function independently, allowing all tools to carry out separate operations to achieve optimum machining. An added advantage of this system is a significant reduction in idle machine time.