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Corporate Information

01.When was Star Micronics founded?
In July 1950.
02.When was Star Micronics’ share listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange?
In October 1990.
03.What are Star Micronics’ business segments?
Star Micronics is engaged in three businesses; Special Products, Machine Tools, Precision Products. For details, please see here.

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Financial Information

01.When is the fiscal term?
It is the end of December, but we announce financial results every quarter. For the schedule, please see here.
02.What are Star Micronics’ latest financial results?
Please see here.
03.Where can the information of past performance financial results be found?
Please see here.

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Stock Information

01.What is Star Micronics' stock code?
It is 7718.
02.Is there a shareholder special benefit plan?
No, there isn’t.
03.When is the decision date for dividend payments?
The decision date of year-end dividend is the December 31 and interim dividend is June 30. For historical data on dividends, please see here.

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01.Where can I learn about Star Micronics’ corporate social responsibility activities?
Star Micronics is engaged in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities with the aim of proving worthy of society's trust and contributing as a global corporate citizen. For details, please see here.

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