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Medium-term Strategy

We aim to ensure profitability and raise growth opportunities, and steadily make sustained returns to shareholders, by optimizing the allocation of business resources and by restructuring our businesses.

Ensure Profitability

  • Capture high shares in global niche markets
  • Concentrate business resources on highly profitable products and markets
  • Create high-value-added products

Raise Growth Opportunities

  • Strengthen our sales organization in emerging markets
  • Build an optimal production system by utilizing overseas production bases
  • Implement business alliances and M&As to strengthen our core competencies

Maintain Soundness

  • Equity ratio: 75% or more
  • Ratio of net cash (to total assets): 25% or more
  • Enhancement of shareholder returns
    • Dividend payout ratio: 40% or more
    • Dividend on equity: 4.5% or more

Medium-term Targets (2017/2 targets)

Net Sales ¥53.0 billion
Operating Income ¥7.5 billion
Net Income ¥5.5 billion
Return on Equity (ROE) 10% or more
Earnings per Share (EPS) ¥100 or more
Shareholders Return Consolidated dividend payout ratio 40% or more
Dividend on equity 4.5% or more

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