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At a Glance by Segment

Sales by Segment
Special Products 21.7%
Micro Audio Components 7.3%
Machine Tools 62.0%
Precision Products 9.0%
Special Products Net Sales ¥9,455 million

Point-of-sale (POS) printers used to issue receipts and for other purposes at places such as department stores, supermarkets and restaurants are the main products in the Special Products Segment. In recent years, the segment has built its business by strengthening lines of products that steadfastly reflect the needs of customers and society, including developing mobile printers designed for tablets, smartphones, and other devices.

Micro Audio Components Net Sales ¥3,166 million

After fulfilling its responsibility to supply customers with products and preparing to terminate the business, this business segment was closed following the transfer of business operations to Foster Electric Company, Limited, which was completed on January 1, 2014.

Machine Tools Net Sales ¥26,970 million

In the Machine Tools Segment, Star Micronics' Swiss-Type CNC Automatic Lathes enjoy high market shares globally. Key products include the SV series, ideal for the high-precision, complex machining required in the manufacture of medical and other components; the top-of-the-range ECAS series, which incorporates the Star Motion Control System; the SR series, which features outstanding complex machining and productivity; and the SB series that offers superior cost performance.

Precision Products Net Sales ¥3,891 million

The strength of this segment is that we have integrated the production of precision products from the machining stage to the plating stage. In the wristwatch components machining field, we hold a share as one of Japan's leading machining processors of precision components. Currently in the non-wristwatch components field (components related to cars, components for hard disk drives (HDDs), etc.), business is expanding.

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