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Star Micronics Overview Medium-term Management Plan

Medium-Term Vision

As a global niche company, our goal is to enhance the prosperity and well-being of all stakeholders by distributing the added-value created through efforts aimed at combining the strengths of advanced software and precision processing technologies that help maximize customer satisfaction.

Basic Policies

1. Reform Existing Businesses

  • Pursue precision processing technologies that are vital to an IoT society
  • Transition to a business entity that incorporates software technology
  • Work toward a production system that maximizes added-value

2. Create and Nurture New Businesses

  • Create a fourth major business pillar (through various initiatives including M&A and business alliances)
  • Cultivate new businesses and products (Vibration Power Generators, Cloud Service Business, etc.)

3. Evolve into a Genuine Global Company

  • Educate, train and assign global human resources
  • Further strengthening of sales channels

Progress under the Medium-Term Management Plan

Achievements and Challenges

Strategies (Principal Initiatives) Achievements and Challenges
Special Products
  • Develop high-value-added products
  • Reorganize sales bases in Europe in light of the U.K.’s impending withdrawal from the European Union
  • Reduce costs by increasing supply chain efficiency
Special Products
  • Launched mCollection®, a new brand of
    peripherals for the mPOS market
  • Established a new European sales base in Germany
  • Reorganizing business divisions and building a new structure and systems with an eye toward strengthening supply chain management
Machine Tools
  • Release a series of fixed headstock automatic lathes
  • Develop IoT-related software
  • Shorten lead times and reduce inventories through modular design and production
  • Strengthen service systems in China
Machine Tools
  • Unveiled SK-51, a fixed headstock automatic lathe
  • Commenced sales of SMOOSS-i, an operation monitoring system
  • Upgraded and expanded the lineup of modular design and production products
  • Completed construction of a new facility at the Company’s Dalian Plant in China
  • Resolved to construct a solutions center
Precision Products
  • Cultivate new customers and markets
  • Streamline production and promote automation
  • Increase operating rates utilizing IoT
Precision Products
  • Improved profitability through various measures including steps to reorganize production bases
  • Newly adopted automated testing equipment
New Businesses
  • M&A and business alliances, etc.
  • Vibration Power Generators
  • Cloud Services
New Business
  • Promote business alliances
  • Withdrew from the vibration power generator business
  • Reviewed the cloud service business structure and systems

Performance Targets

Star Micronics has changed its account settlement date from the end of February to December 31 for the fiscal period under review (the fiscal period ended December 31, 2018). As a transitional period, the consolidated fiscal period for the fiscal period under review is based on and presented for the 10-month period from March 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018 for companies that fall within the scope of consolidation whose conventional account settlement date is February 28 and the 12-month period from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018 for companies that fall within the scope of consolidation whose account settlement date is December 31.

  12/2018 Actual 12/2020 Plan
Exchange Rate US$ ¥110.44 ¥110.00
EUR ¥130.42 ¥115.00

Financial Target

  12/2018 Actual 12/2020 Target
Net Sales ¥65.9 billion ¥60.0 billion
Operating Income ¥9.7 billion ¥7.0 billion
Operating Income Ratio 14.7% 11.7%
Return on Equity (ROE) 14.3% 12.0% or more

Returns to Shareholders

  12/2018 Actual 12/2020 Target
Total Payout Ratio 55.2% 50.0% or more
DOE 4.1% 4.5% or more
Dividends per Share ¥54 ¥60

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