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Review of Operations

At a Glance by Segment


Special Products NET SALES ¥11,381 million

Point-of-sale (POS) printers used at such places as department stores, supermarkets and restaurants are the main products in the Special Products Segment. The Company maintains a product lineup that harnesses the distinctive features of both thermal and dot matrix printers. In recent years, demand for mobile POS (mPOS) printers that are compatible with tablet terminals, smartphones, and other devices has experienced a steady increase.

Special Products

Machine Tools NET SALES ¥38,150 million

In the Machine Tools Segment, Star Micronics’ Swiss-Type CNC Automatic Lathes enjoy a high market share. Ideally suited for precision component processing with high accuracy, the Company’s products in this segment are used in the processing of a wide range of components including automotive parts as well as communication equipment and medical components. Star Micronics has put in place a structure and systems that consistently address users’ needs by leveraging the latest technologies including its proprietary Star Motion Control System for optimizing machining operations.

Machine Tools

Precision Products NET SALES ¥4,927 million

The Precision Products Segment is a foundation business of Star Micronics. Building on its strengths and the ability to address a full range of needs from machining to plating, the Company boasts a leading share in the wristwatch component processing field in Japan. Utilizing the technologies developed through our wristwatch component activities, we are also focusing on the field of non-wristwatch components for automotive, air-conditioner, medical and other use.

Precision Products

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