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Established in 1950, Star Micronics Co., Ltd. possesses the strength of developing and manufacturing high-added value products based on its core technologies of small-scale precision processing and assembly, aiming for more than half a century to realize businesses that “generate the greatest impact from the least materials.” From early period, we have looked overseas for business opportunities and promoted growth strategies with an emphasis on profitability in the global niche markets since the company was established. Going forward, Star Micronics will leverage the strength it has built up to develop its businesses and further raise its corporate value.

Group’s performance in the Second Quarter of Fiscal 2020

Representative Director, President and CEO Mamoru Sato During the second quarter of fiscal 2020, conditions in the global economy continued to be extremely severe due to the slump in economic activity as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Under these circumstances, although POS-related demand was relatively firm in the U.S. market, in other markets demand declined substantially. Although demand for the Company’s mainstay machine tools showed signs of recovery in China, demand also declined substantially in other markets.
Under these circumstances, the Star Micronics Group reported sales of ¥21,076 million for the second quarter of the fiscal year under review, down 32.9% year on year. This decrease was mainly due to the substantial downturn in sales of machine tools. From a profit perspective, operating income came to ¥626 million, a decrease of 80.8% compared with the corresponding period of the previous fiscal year owing largely to the drop in sales of machine tools. Ordinary income declined 82.8%, to ¥609 million and net income attributable to owners of parent amounted to ¥69 million, a downturn of 97.1%.

To Our Shareholders

From a shareholders’ return perspective, Star Micronics’ basic policy is to target a total consolidated payout ratio of 50% or more, including the repurchase of own shares, while taking into consideration its consolidated dividend on equity (DOE).
Based on this policy, the interim dividend per share for the fiscal year under review was ¥28, unchanged from the previous fiscal year. Due to the impact of the spread of COVID-19 the Company will regrettably forgo payment of a ¥4 commemorative dividend, which was originally planned to mark the Company’s 70th anniversary, and will set its year-end dividend at ¥28. As a result, combined with the interim dividend of ¥28, the annual dividend for the current fiscal year will amount to ¥56, unchanged from the previous fiscal year.
We look forward to the continued support and encouragement of all our shareholders in the future.

September 2020

Representative Director, President and CEO Mamoru Sato