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Medium-Term Management Policy

The Star Micronics Group is pushing forward its Medium-Term Management Plan (*1), which has positioned FY12/2020 when the Company will celebrate its 70th anniversary as the plans final target year. In FY12/2018, the second year of the Medium-Term Management Plan, both net sales and operating income exceeded targets set under the Plan. While this was largely due to robust trends in the Machine Tools segment, there was, however, some disparity between business segments (*2).

Under this plan, we have identified the Medium-Term Vision: as a global niche company, our goal is to enhance the prosperity and well-being of all stakeholders by distributing the added-value created through efforts aimed at combining the strengths of advanced software and precision processing technologies that help maximize customer satisfaction.

Under this plan, we have positioned efforts to reform existing businesses, create and nurture new businesses and evolve into a genuine global company as our three basic policies.

1. Reform existing businesses

We will pursue precision processing technologies that are vital to an IoT society, transition to a business entity that incorporates software technology and work toward a production system that maximizes added-value.

2. Create and nurture new businesses

We will channel our energies toward IoT-related commercialization activities. Particular emphasis will be placed on vigorously considering a host of initiatives including M&As and business alliances in a bid to establish a fourth major business pillar.

3. Evolve into a genuine global company

We will educate, train and assign human resources who can excel in global markets and further strengthen sales channels.

By steadily implementing initiatives as stated in the Medium-Term Management Plan, we will further raise our corporate value.

(※1) Medium-Term Management Plan
(※2) Progress under the Medium-Term Management Plan