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Program Utility Jr.

Highly evolved local area network (LAN) capable machine file management software.


  • On-line management of multiple machines with a single PC / laptop through the LAN system
  • Reinforced functions of multi-channel program management including program input/output at the same time for all channels

File Management and Communication Function

File Management Function
  • Program Control Using Files and Folders
  • "0 number" not required for a file name
  • Reinforcement of integrated management of multi-system programs
  • Management of multiple machines from the PC through LAN system

Program Editing Function

Program Editing Function
  • Screen display in pursuit of visibility
  • Highly functional printing for multiple channels
  • By searching a specific code, a list can be displayed
  • Frequently used machining programs are patterned to be stored
  • The program validity can be checked easily
  • Programming is possible by referring to the explanation of Command

Coordinate Calculation Function

Coordinate Calculation Function
  • For Higher Efficiency of Calculation
  • For Copying Calculation Results on Editing Screen
  • Optimized Setting According to Machine Specifications

Tooling Function

Tooling Function
  • Batch management of program file and tooling information file
  • Printing and output of tooling information
  • Printing and output of tool offset information


Specifications Details Remarks
Target machine Machine tool manufactured by Star Micronics -
PC operating environment 32bit versions; Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
64bit versions; Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Hard disk; 10MB or more capacity -
Communication port; at least one of the following items
1)Serial port (RS-232C) performing under the standard driver of Windows
2)USB port
3)PC card slot (TypeII)
4)LAN port
Supplied with PU-Jr. USB Converter *1 -
PU-Jr. Adapter *2
Installation CD
Option Dsub 25pin(M)--9pin(F) cross cable;(3m/15m) Please purchase as necessary
Dsub 9pin(F)--9 pin(F) straight cable;
USB Converter *1
PU-Jr. Adapter *2
Compact Flash 128MB
Compact Flash Adapter
Additional Licenses
USB Protection Key

*1. Conversion adapter : USB to serial
*2. Conversion adapter : Straight cable to cross cable

Software Specifications

Function Details
File Management Function Program folder management
Managing 3-channel programs for ECAS as one file is available
Program I/O between PC and machine
Program Editing Function Program list comment display
Simultaneous display of path 1 and 2programs
Search function
Cut and Paste
Automatic space insert/delete between words changeover
Simultaneous display of multiple programs (overlap,split)
Calling of calculator function
1-path program two/three column printing
M-Code Hit and Fit display and print
Programs created by other applications can be edited
Bookmark function
Code list function
Template function
Program check function
Command help function
Coordinate Calculation Function Calculation of various intersections and circles
Calculation result copy function
1,2,3,4 or 5 digit after decimal point changeover
Angle:minute/second unit changeover
Tooling Function NC Programs and Tool Information can be Controlled Collectively
Tooling Sheets can be Printed Based on Tool Information
Process Sheets can be Printed
Output files of tool information can be read by machine

* Information in this page is subject to change without notice.
* PU-Jr. is Available for 90days Evaluation. Please feel free to contact our sales representatives.

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