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Apple Approval Process for STAR MFi Applications

In order to offer your app on the Apple iTunes App Store, your app needs to be approved by the Apple MFi program before you submit it to the Apple iTunes App Store. Please follow the instruction below.


  1. Download STAR’s iOS SDK.
  2. Enroll in Apple iOS Developer Program.
  3. Refer to the manual in the SDK package to find the STAR’s Device Protocol Name for developing your APP.
  4. After you develop your APP, fill out the required information in the Application Registration Form and click “Submit”.
  5. STAR Micronics submits your App Information to Apple MFi Program.
  6. After Apple MFi Program notifies STAR that the App Information has been reviewed, STAR will provide you an MFI Product Plan ID (PPID) number.
  7. Submit your App to the Apple iTunes App Store through iTunes connect with the MFI PPID number in the Review Notes (Optional) section of the App Review Information. (e.g. MFI PPID ******-****)
  8. Apple (iTunes connect) will approve your App and post it to the App store. Approval may take 1 - 2 weeks.


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