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Audible Sound Device



High Quality Sound

Blue illuminating LED for visual alert

Installation on the printer

SDK and dedicated software is available

SDKs for iOS, Android and Windows and the OPOS driver are available. The mC-Sound can be controlled via printer.

Sounds and volume control from the host device

16 sounds are registere in the mC-Sound. Users can select the sound to play and volume from a host device.

Installation inside the printer

Installation images

<mC-Sound Supported Printers>




Model Name MCS10
Color Black
Dimensions (W) 44mm x (D) 44mm x (H) 21mm
Weight Approx. 45g
Sound Pressure Installed on top of printer : Maximum approx. 89dB
Installed inside on back of printer: Maximum approx. 88dB
Measurement distance : 10cm
※The sound pressure and sound quality may vary depending on the measurement environment and playback sound.
Registered Sounds 16 sounds
Interface DK port (cable is about 30cm)


Registered Sounds

16 sounds are registered in the mC-Sound.
Users can select sounds and volume by means of directions and commands from their application.
It is also possible to set sounds and volume with the Dip switches on the rear side of the mC-sound.
※The setting from the application overrides the DIP switch settings.

Playback of Received Data

The mC-Sound plays the sound data sent from a host device.
This operation is close to the streaming playback.

Error Sounds

The mC-Sound has a function to play an error sound when a printer error occurs.
※To use this function, enable "Sound on Error (mC-Sound)" from “Memory Switch Settings” of the “mC-Print Utility”.

Conditions Error Sound
Printer cover open error (Play starts 30 seconds after the error occurs) Long beep (continuous)
No paper error Beep, beep ... (1/2 second intervals)
Printer network error Beep, beep, beep ... (1/8 second intervals)
Printer irrecoverable error Beep, beep, beep ...(1/16 second intervals)

Software Support

Download of Store Application mC-Print Utility
App Store  Google play

This App can check printer operations, change memory switches and configure Bluetooth settings easily. You can configure printer settings simply by using this App.

Tools for Developers

Direct print support from device or native application StarPRNT SDK

iOS:StarPRNT for iOS (Support languages: Swift,Objective-C)
Android:StarPRNT for Android (Support languags: Java)
Windows:StarPRNT for UWP SDK / StarPRNT for Windows Desktop SDK (Support langeuage:C#)

Direct print support from PC

Windows : StarPRNT for mCollection (Windows printer driver / OPOS driver)
Mac / Linux : CUPS driver

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