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mC-Print3 series

Multiple Interfaces and Splash-proof Design for Kitchen Use

  • Receipt
  • Kitchen
  • Digital Receipt
  • MFi Certified
  • WebPRNT Browser
  • 58mm 80mm
  • Auto Cutter
  • Top Margin selectable
  • Compression Mode
mcprint3 series
mC-Print3 selection guide


Splash- proof Design for Kitchen Use

Splash- proof (equivalent to IPX2) and insect-proof design

Paper Saving Function

Paper saving function to minimize the top margin of receipts even when the partial cut setting is selected. Ideal for short order sheets

Stylish and Compact Design

A sophisticated compact design with minimum footprint to maintain functionality. Dimensions: 132 x 140 x 125mm (WxDxH)

Easy setup

Easy setup guide, dedicated utility application and online manual are provided for any mPOS users to set up communication with network and mobile devices.

Various Peripheral Devices

A scanner, customer display and a cash drawer are available, using mC-Print3.

Multi-language fonts

Equipped with Japanese fonts, ANK, Simplified Chinese fonts, Traditional Chinese fonts and Korean fonts Able to print receipts for foreign visitors.

Static IP Address Setup

The dedicated utility application allows users to set up a static IP address via USB and Bluetooth.

AC adaptor included

Digital receipt service

AllReceipts, the free digital receipt service, supported.

Stable Connectivity

Equipped with multiple interfaces (Bluetooth®/USB/LAN) Wired connection with tablet terminals such as iOS, Android, Windows etc. is possible with a USB cable. And also equipped with capacity to power a tablet terminal. For USB connection, we have prepared a recommended model for each tablet OS and USB type. ("MCP31L" and "MCP31LB" are for iOS, "MCP31C" and "MCP31CB" are for Android and Windows.)

USB Power Delivery compatible

Equipped with a USB-C® port compatible with USB Power Delivery in two models, "MCP31C" and "MCP31CB" which is for Android and Windows tablet terminals.
Achieves both high-speed charging and communication on tablet terminals that support USB Power Delivery. *In addition, with the "MCP31L" and "MCP31LB" models for iOS terminals, it is possible to achieve both high-speed charging and communication by Lightning-USB connection.

Smart Receipt Issuing

De-curl function (to avoid giving curled paper)

Enhanced Connection Development Kit

SDKs for diverse operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows are available free of charge. Printing from not only native app but also web app and from cloud are provided, which contributes to reduce development time and cost.

List of available drivers, SDKs, peripherals

Please refer to the linked PDF file.

Interface list for each model, recommended USB connection pattern

Online Manual

Accessories Included with the Printer

Ready for Use Out of Box



Wall Mount Kit

Wall Mount Kit

mCollection Peripheral Devices

Customer Display

Customer Display

Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner




mcprint3 Dimensions


Series mC-Print3
Model Name MCP31L MCP31LB MCP30 *1 MCP31C MCP31CB
Interface USB-A x 3
(Lightning - USB communication is supported)
USB-A x 3
(Lightning - USB communication is supported)
- USB-A x 2 USB-A x 2
USB-B x1 USB-B x1 USB-B x1 - -
- - - USB-C x1 USB-C x1
- Bluetooth® - - Bluetooth® *2
Ethernet x 1 Ethernet x 1 Ethernet x 1 Ethernet x 1 Ethernet x 1
DK-Port DK-Port DK-Port DK-Port DK-Port
Media Presentation Front Paper Exit
Emulation StarPRNT
Print Speed Up to 250 mm/second
Print Width 72mm / 50.8mm / 48mm
Paper Specifications: Width 80mm / 58mm (Using Paper Guide)
Roll Diameter Max. φ83mm
Thickness 53~75μm
Cutting Method Partial cut (Leave centre point)
Life 2 Million Cuts
Power Supply DC24V±10%  Adaptor: PS60A-24C (included)
Reliability 60 million lines (MCBF)
Dimensions 132 x 140 x 125mm (WxDxH)
Weight Approx. 1.3㎏ (excluding roll paper)
Accessories included in the box Power Cable, AC Adaptor PS60A-24C, Paper Guide, Sample Thermal Roll Paper Power Cable, AC Adaptor PS60A-24C, USB-C Cable (C-C), Paper Guide, Sample Thermal Roll Paper
Options Wall Mount Kit (WB-MC30)

*1 Near end detection and backfeed are not supported.
*2 iOS devices are not supported on the MCP31CB. Please select the MCP31LB for iOS when using Bluetooth.

(Note) * The printer firmware may update automatically once a new version or feature is available.
  *All company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
mC-Print3 selection guide
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