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FVP10 series

Front Operating, Vocal Direct Thermal Printer, 58 to 80mm Output Tool

  • Ticket
  • Label
  • Receipt
  • Kitchen
  • Digital Receipt
  • MFi Certified
  • WebPRNT Browser
  • WebPRNT E3X
  • Graphic Raster
  • 58-80mm adjustable
  • Auto Cutter
  • Top Margin selectable
  • Compression Mode
  • Voice
FVP10 series



Front delivery of 203 dpi receipts and tickets at 250 mm/second
Front Loading
Splash Resistant design
(IPX1 certification)
Voice Enabled Communication Tool
80 to 58mm Output Tool
(Auto scaling to reduce paper use)
Under the Counter Mounting
Apple MFi Certified
(Bluetooth® I/F model)

Certified by Apple Inc. for all iOS devices including: iPad, iPhone, iPod

Compatible with Various OS Environments

Offering printer drivers for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
StarIO facilitates developers in easily designing mobile applications without complicated communication control on diverse operating systems like Windows Mobile, Windows CE, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and Android

App Store  Google play
WebPRNT Support
  • Enables printing from Web-based applications via HTTP requests
    (WebPRNT I/F model)
    (Bluetooth I/F model via WebPRNT Browser)
  • StarWebPRNT Browser
Digital receipt service

AllReceipts, the free digital receipt service, supported.

List of available drivers, SDKs, peripherals

Please refer to the linked PDF file.

FVP10 Sample Sounds

User-data area (Rewritable)

The preinstalled audio files are stored in the printer's user-data area.
You can play back the preinstalled audio files by selecting the appropriate 'Sound No.' from various functions such as the 'Audio Configuration Function' and 'Text Search Function' of the printer driver and printer utility.

*When you register customized sounds, please sure to refer to Printer Utility Help Menu of printer software 'StarPRNT Intelligence'.

FVP Sample Sound Download
Sound NO Audio Massage Name of Downloadable File
Sound1 Welcome! SP_EN01.wav
Sound2 Thank you! SP_EN02.wav
Sound3 Order coming in. SP_EN03.wav
Sound4 Drink Order coming in. SP_EN04.wav
Sound5 Food Order coming in. SP_EN05.wav
Sound6 Order has been cancelled. SP_EN06.wav
Sound7 New order coming in. SP_EN07.wav
Sound8 Order to go coming in. SP_EN08.wav
Sound9 Print finished. SP_EN09.wav
Sound10 Please take your receipt. SP_EN10.wav
Sound11 Please come again. SP_EN11.wav
Sound12 Please give your receipt to the operator. SP_EN12.wav
Sound13 Now printing, please wait a moment. SP_EN13.wav
Sound14 Please do not pull the paper until printing finishes. SP_EN14.wav
Sound15 Thank you for visiting. SP_EN15.wav
Sound16 Please take the number ticket. SP_EN16.wav
Sound17 Please have a seat and wait a moment. SP_EN17.wav
Sound18 Thank you for your purchase. SP_EN18.wav
Sound19 Please wait here, we will guide you shortly. SP_EN19.wav

FVP10 Sample Sounds Download

Error-warning sounds (Unrewritable)

The following error-warning sounds are preinstalled in the FVP10, and the sounds will be automatically played back when errors occur.

  FVP10 Error Message
Error Message01 Paper Near End, please prepare for the paper refill.
Error Message02 Head Temperature is too high, please wait until Power lamp turns on.
Error Message03 Please close the printer cover.
Error Message04 Paper end. Please refill paper.
Error Message05 Black Mark error is detected.
Please confirm the specification according to the Users Manual.
Error Message06 Cutter error.
Please refer to the Users Manual for recovery.
Error Message07 Flash ROM error.
Please turn off the printer and refer to the Users Manual for recovery.
Error Message08 EEPROM error.
Please turn off the printer and refer to the Users Manual for recovery.
Error Message09 SRAM error.
Please turn off the printer and refer to the Users Manual for recovery.
Error Message10 Thermistor error.
Please turn off the printer and refer to the Users Manual for recovery.
Error Message11 Power Voltage error.
Please turn off the printer and refer to the Users Manual for recovery.



Printer Method Direct Thermal Line Printing
Print Speed up to 250mm/second
Print Resolution(V x H)
Double Density Graphics
203 x 203dpi
406 x 203dpi(selectable)
Autocutter / Life Full / Partial adjustable (Guillotine)
up to 2 million cuts
Paper Specifications: Paper Width 58-80mm adjustable
Media Type Receipts, Tickets,Labels (Black Mark)
Thickness 0.065-0.15mm
Roll Diameter 83mm
Paper Loading Drop-In & Print Easy Load
Reflective Black Mark Standard
Paper End
/Near End Sensor
Print Width Max.80mm wide = 72mm
Min.58mm wide = 52mm
No of Columns 48/64 columns
Barcodes UPC-A/E, JAN/EAN8, JAN/EAN13, ITF, CODE39, CODE93, CODE128, CODABAR(NW-7), PDF417, QR Code
Top Margin 13mm default / 3mm selectable (full cut mode)
Automatic Compression Mode 72mm print width to 52mm
Sound Storage Up to 5 minutes (13Mbit) Flash Rom with sound management software
Logo Store 4 Mbit Flash ROM with graphic management software.
Up to 250 named logos text string activated
Flash ROM 32Mbit(external) CG,Logo & Sound
4Mbit (internal) PGM
Emulations Star Line Mode & ESC/POS
Interface Build in USB as standard - Parallel,Serial,Ethernet,
Bluetooth®&PoweredUSB options
Peripheral Drive Circuit 2 circuits (24V max. 1A), 1 Compulsion input
Power Supply
(PS60A-24B only)
External option with hosiden connector
Operating/Waiting-Average 1.56A/0.12A
Dimensions(w x d x h)mm 144 x 227.7 x 114 mm
114 x 316.2 x 114 with Cable Cover
Reliability 60 million lines

(Note) * The printer firmware may update automatically once a new version or feature is available.
  *All company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
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