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Star WebPRNT Browser

Printing from a Web Application Via the WebPRNT Browser Directly to Star Bluetooth Printers

To support customers using web-based point of sale applications, Star Micronics delivers the Star WebPRNT Browser, an innovative technology which enables printing receipts or data on a Star Bluetooth printer through the Star WebPRNT Browser from a web application. The Star WebPRNT Browser converts XML into a print command. It allows Web creaters to develop the system easily by using the JavaScript library (free) which has abstracted commands.

The Star WebPRNT Browser is available from Apple AppStore and GooglePlay.
  • App Store
  • Star WebPRNT Browser
    Star WebPRNT Browser
  • Google play
  • Star WebPRNT Browser
    Star WebPRNT Browser

WebPRNT Browser Supported Bluetooth Printers

mPOP, mC-Print2, mC-Print3, TSP650Ⅱ, TSP700Ⅱ, TSP800Ⅱ, FVP10, SP700, SM-L200, SM-L300, SM-S220i, SM-S230i, SM-T300i, SM-T400i

StarWebPRNT SDK (Free)

The WebPRNT SDK contains HTML files and JavaScript files. The HTML files are the sample program to introduce the total procedures to print via a web browser by using the WebPRNT functions. Learn how to control your printer by actually running it.
The JavaScript files are the library files for embedding WebPRNT functions provided by Star.

Enable multi-platform web printing. WebPRNT eliminates the need to install drivers or download software. Simply use the appropriate XML tags or integrate Star's WebPRNT JavaScript library into your web-based application to begin printing from your application to Star's WebPRNT receipt printer.

Solution Site  WebPRNT SDK https://www.star-m.jp/eng/products/s_print/solutions/sdk/webprnt.html

See the Star WebPRNT User's Manual for details.

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