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Technical Specifications: Computer Printers

Star Micronics has terminated Computer printer sales all over the world as of December 2008.
We are no longer able to manufacture / sale any of products, their option parts and consumables, and repair after end of March 2014.

If customer is still using Star Micronics Computer printer and need update Windows operating system, please use In-box (built-in) printer driver by ‘Add a printer’ button of ‘Device and Printer’ menu manually.

Manufacture Printers ex.English models ex.Chinese models
Star Star 24wire 10inch Printer LC2410, LC240 NX500, NX510
Star 24wire 12inch Printer LC8211 NX600, AR5400II, AR2470
Star 24wire 15inch Printer LC2415, LC4511, LC8521, XB2425 NX350, NX370, NX650, NX750
Star 9wire 10inch Printer LC10, LC90, LC100+, LC200 NX100
Star 9wire 12inch Printer LC7211 AR970
Star 9wire 15inch Printer LC15, LC1511, XR1520, ZA200 -
* If Manufacture and Printer model name don't appear, please click 'Windows Update'
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