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Launch of new Dynamic Speaker “SAG-40 series”

February 21, 2011

photo:SAG-40 Series Star Micronics has launched a new dynamic speaker titled "SAG-40 series" for warning and voice guidance applications in the automotive, digital house hold appliance and security equipment.

 "SAG-40 series" has a diameter of 40mm. It is the largest speaker in the acoustic products of Star Micronics. "SAG-40 series" is enabling to generate more than 90dB/10cm in the frequency range from 440Hz to 2,000Hz, and is suitable for customer needs to earn higher sound output in lower frequency range. Also, it is capable to withstand max. 105 degree C thermal shock. "SAG-40 series" can connect various lengths of lead wires & connectors upon customer request, and will be capable to water resistant application.

 Because of its high reliability, targeting applications of "SAG-40 series" are automotives, digital house hold appliance and security equipment and Star Micronics projects its sales in 2011 as 500,000pcs.

<Features of "SAG-40 series">

Rich sound output & flat frequency response (Min. 90dB/10cm, Ave. 96dB/10cm from 400Hz to 2,000Hz)

Great durability against thermal shock (-40 degree C to 105 degree C / 1,000 cycles).

Lead wires & connectors connection (Selections of lead wire length & type of connectors are upon customer request.)


Type : dynamic speaker

Rated input : 0.5W

Coil impedance : 8±1.2ohm

Lowest resonant frequency : 500±100Hz

Specified sound output : Min. 90dB/Ave. 96dB (Range of 400Hz to 2,000Hz / 0.5W input / measurement distance at 10cm)

Dimension : Dia. 40mm, thickness 11mm

Weight : 12g (speaker body only)

 Star Micronics has been selling a smaller dynamic speaker titled "SAC-30 series" (Dia. 30mm). This series mainly uses sound warning system in the automotive application globally, and we have been sold over 8 million pcs since 2005. "SAC-30 series" sales projection will be 20 million pcs by 2013.
 With deserving high reputation on "SAC-30 series," Star Micronics will enhance "SAG-40 series" sales promotion.