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A New Exciter Vibrates any Solid Object to Make Sound

July 20, 2011

photo:DAB390RA  Star Micronics has developed a new exciter device, DAB390RA, which could vibrate any solid object to make it into a high fidelity speaker.

 The newly developed DAB390RA is a dynamic exciter, which consists of a coil and a magnet. It is yet another achievement of Star Micronics, made possible only with Star's long tradition of minituarization and micro audio technology.

 DAB390RA can turn virtually any solid object into a speaker. As it does not need an opening to let out sound, it provides you a greater design freehand. Also, it is intrinsically watertight and dust proof. The vibrating surface can be curved or of other non-flat shape. DAB390RA offers a great design versatility.

 Attach it to a conference room table and it is now a speaking table. A whiteboard, or a presentation screen can be an multimedia audio system with no dedicated cone speakers. Automobile applications could be limitless; the console panel now talks to you and guides you when you are at the wheel. The walls and pillars beeps alarm if you are in danger. Some hybrid and eletric cars may be dangerously quiet, but no more. They could now gently talk to pedestrians, as its talking bumper can say "coming through".

 Star Micronics now starts marketing activities for the DAB390RA exciter, and continues to refine its design for an optimized commercial product. We hope we could serve our customers in many different applications.


Attaches to solid object and vibrates it to make sound

Excites multiple oscillation modes for wide directivity

Easily becomes watertight as it needs no opening as sound outlet

Rigid structure for robust circuitry

Light and compact, yet gives high output


Model Name : DAB390RA

Impedance : 8Ω ±15%

Sound Pressure(*) : Typ. 98dB at 500Hz

Typ. 92dB at 1kHz

Typ. 89dB at 2kHz

Typ. 91dB at 5kHz

Minimum Resonant Frequency(*) : 570Hz

Rated Input : 1W

Operating Temperature : -20 to +70℃

Storage Temperature : -40 to +85℃

Dimensions : ø39 - h11.5mm

Weight : 25g

* Measured with 1W input, microphone at 10cm distance, Open air on rear side.
Attached to acrylic panel (PMMA) 10cm(H)×20cm(W)×2mm(D)