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Launching a new model of Swiss type automatic lathe “SW-20”

September 14, 2011

- Reduce idle time in machining of complicated parts from both technical and electrical side -

SW-20 We have developed a new model of Swiss type automatic lathe “SW-20” targeting the complicated parts machining in wide range of industries such as medical and automotive with a concept of “faster machining for complicated parts”. It will be launched in March, 2012.

 SW-20 has maximum machining diameter of 20mm, 9 linear control axes and 2 rotation control axes which make a total of 11 control axes.

 For the main machining, counter-face wedge type tool posts (2 stations/front, 3 stations/rear) are arranged toward the guide bush. Each tool post is controlled independently and the cycle time will be reduced by executing turning, drilling and milling etc at the same time.
 For the sub machining, it is possible to divide the processes into main/sub machining effectively due to the enhanced multiple machining capabilities by adapting the 8-spindle unit with Y-axis control on the back attachment.

 Furthermore, we thoroughly reduced non-cutting time such as changing time of control systems and tools by mounting our unique control system called “STAR Motion Control System”. Besides we added new functions to consider operators in operability and workability by adopting the latest NC unit which displays details of alarms called “Alarm help function”, and “Program check function” to check the programs in advance.

< Features of “SW-20” >

[High productivity]
* Reduce cycle time by simultaneous machining by the counter-face wedge type tool posts.
* Divide the process into main/sub machining effectively by the 8-spindle unit with Y-axis control on the back attachment.
* Reduce non-cutting time by “STAR Motion Control System”.

[Machining capability]
* Various complicated machining on the back attachment by the 8-spindle unit with Y-axis control.

* The new functions of programming check and alarming help for operability and workability improvements.