4.10. StarBluetoothManagerFactory

added in version 1.3.0

Class to get the StarBluetoothManager object by specifying the emulation.

4.10.1. GetManager

added in version 1.3.0

Gets the object of the StarBluetoothManager class for the emulation to be passed in the parameter.

  • Declaration

    public static StarBluetoothManager GetManager(string portName, string portSettings, Int32 timeout, Emulation emulation)
  • Parameter

    Name Contents Type
    portName It is the same as the portName of the ConnectAsync method. string
    portSettings It is the same as the portSetting of the ConnectAsync method. string
    ioTimeoutMillis Acquires and specifies the timeout time for internal control and API (unit: millisecond) int
    emulation Emulation Emulation

    emulation parameter for each model, refer to Emulation Constants.

  • Return value

    Contents Type
    StarBluetoothManager object StarBluetoothManager

Refer to Bluetooth setting change flow using StarBluetoothManager about the procedure of change the Bluetooth Setting.