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About Star Micronics’ Business Contents

Special Products

This segment manufactures and sells printers and information processing devices. Printers comprise categories: point-of-sale(POS) printers and printers, for kiosk (information terminal) and other applications. Information processing devices include visual card reader/writers used for membership cards and other applications. These devices are tailored to the needs of worldwide markets with their high-quality printing, speed and superior software compatibilities based on Star Micronics' original developmental capabilities.

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Machine Tools

This segment mainly manufactures and sells CNC automatic lathes for the production of precision components. Thanks to an extensive lineup, including high value-added machines for complex machining and high-throughput units offering superior cost performance, this division can satisfy all its customers’ machining needs.

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Precision Products

Leveraging high-precision technologies, this segment supplies a wide range of high valued-added precision components for computers and other digital electronics equipment, medical equipment, communications equipment and automotive components. Star Micronics is one of a handful of manufacturing companies with an integrated production framework ranging from processing to assembly of precision components.

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