Use Accessories

The following accessories are included with this product for use when required.

Paper roll guide

It is necessary if you want to use the 58mm width paper roll.

Wall mounting bracket

This is required if you want to mount the printer on the wall and use.

Rubber feet

It is required when using the printer vertically without using the optional vertical stand.

Switch cover

It prevents operating the power switch by mistake. It also prevents a third party from easily operating the power switch.

LAN Cable

Connect the printer to a networking device such as a router/hub.

Connect LAN Cable

Paper roll guide

Always mount before using a 58mm width paper roll.

1. Mount the paper roll guide

  • Align the paper roll guide to the "△58" indicated on this equipment.
  • Press the paper roll guide until a clicking sound is heard.
  • Use the specified application and change the setting for the "printing width".
    Use App
  • Caution

  • Do not change the paper width after starting use.
    The friction of the head, rubber roller, and cutter vary depending on the paper width, which may be the cause for a problems occurring when printing or cutting.

Wall mounting bracket

The wall mounting bracket uses the attached screws to be secured to the printer body, and the printer is secured to the wall by hooking it to the screw that is attached to the wall.

Screws for mounting on the wall is not included.
Prepare two screws available commercially (screw diameter: 4mm) that are suitable for the wall material (wood, steel, concrete, etc.).

Refer to Safety Information before mounting.


The weight of the printer will be approx. 2.4 kg, including the weight of the paper roll.
The screws that attach to the wall must have shear strength that can withstand a pull strength of more than 12kgf (118N).

1. Attach the wall mounting bracket to the printer

  • Align the hole for the wall mounting bracket and the printer, and secure using the two attached screws (M3).

2. Attach the screw for mounting the printer on the wall

  • Prepare the two screws to match the wall material and attach them to the wall with the following dimensions.
  • Make sure to attach the two screws horizontally.
Attach the two screws at 62mm intervals and with a 2 to 3mm space between the wall and the screw head. Use a screw with a head of more than φ7mm.

3. Mount the printer on the wall

  • Align the screws attached to the wall in step 2 with the holes in the wall mounting bracket, and hook the printer.

4. Set paper roll

Rubber feet

1. Attach the rubber feet to the printer

  • Peel off the release paper on the back of the rubber feet, and paste the rubber feet on the 4 places on the back of the printer.
    Wipe away any dirt from the location where it will be placed, before pasting.

2. Set paper roll

Switch cover

1. Attach the switch cover to the printer

  • Peel off the release paper on the back of the switch cover and paste it to the power switch section on the printer.
    Wipe away any dirt from the location where it will be placed, before pasting.

  • By inserting a tapered object such as a ball point pen in the hole of the switch cover, the power switch can be turned ON or OFF.