Part Names and Functions

This section explains the names and functions of parts that are related to the basic operations of the device.

Front of main unit

Back of main unit

Inside of main unit

Front of main unit
Power switch
Turns the power on/off.
Turn On/Off Power
Rear cover
Opens/Closes when setting the paper roll.
Paper Setup
Opening lever
Push this lever to open the rear cover when setting the paper roll.
Operation panel
There is a lamp indicating the status of the printer and a switch to operate the printer.
FEED button Press this button to feed paper.
This button is also used for self-printing.
LED Display
Back of main unit
Power socket
Connects the power cable that comes with the main unit.
Connect Power Cable
USB-A port
Connects an iOS device to the main unit.
Also connects to and communicates with USB-compatible products (SCD222U) specified by Star Micronics. In addition, it can provide power to tablets and other USB devices.
Connect USB Cable - iOS
Set External Devices - USB-A port
USB-B port
Connects a Windows, Android or other device to the main unit.
Connect USB Cable
Connector to drive external device
This is a drive circuit to operate the cash drawer and external buzzer (options) and such.
Set External Devices - Connector to external device drive
Cable hook
Secures the USB cable and prevents it from coming off.
Connect USB Cable
Inside of main unit
Paper roll holder
Sets the paper roll.
Paper Setup