Use Peripherals

This product can be connected to and used with various peripherals, sold separately. For information on operating, installation, and other procedures, please refer to the manual included with the peripherals.

Melody speaker mC-Sound

Connect this unit to the external device drive connector on the printer. The melody will sound synchronized with printing.
The settings can be performed in the printer driver and other programs.

Set Up External Devices (External device drive connector)

mC-Sound Installation and Use Guide

mC-Sound Setting Example

About compatible products

The TSP100IIIW is available for products manufactured after September 2021.

The production date can be confirmed by the serial number (S/N) on the ID sticker on the side of the mC-Sound unit.

Buzzer BU01

The buzzer will ring in conjunction with the printing.
The setting can be performed on the printer driver and such.

Buzzer BU01 installation manual

mC-Sound Setting Example

Connect the mC-Sound cable to the external device drive connector on the printer.
Use the installation double-sided tape that was included in the package and apply it at suitable locations.


To ensure safety, be sure to turn OFF the power and disconnect the printer power plug from the electric outlet before beginning installation.

Setting Example


  • After installation using the installation double-sided tape that was provided with the mC-Sound, the DIP switches of the mC-Sound cannot be changed.