Daily Maintenance

To enable comfortable and safe use, conduct maintenance periodically. Before conducting maintenance, take note of the information in Safety Information - Maintenance.

External maintenance

1. Turn power off

  • Turn the power off, and pull the power plug from the electrical outlet.
  • Wipe off the dirt on the plastic section using a soft, dry and clean cloth.
  • If it is very dirty, soak a soft cloth in water with a very small amount of neutral detergent, completely squeeze the cloth, and gently wipe the dirt, and wipe off the moisture with a dry, soft cloth.


  • Do not use a neutral detergent without diluting it. It will cause the plastic part to change color or deteriorate.

Interior maintenance


There is a printer head inside the printer that becomes hot during printing or right after printing. Do not touch the printer head when opening or closing the printer cover.

Be careful not to forcibly pull or push the de-curl mechanism part . The de-curl mechanism part may become damaged if strong force is applied.

1. Turn power off

  • Turn the power off, and pull the power plug from the electrical outlet.

2. Open printer cover

  • Push the opening lever to open the printer cover.

Thermal head
  • Put an alcohol solvent (ethanol, isopropyl alcohol) on a cotton swab and wipe the thermal area of the head.
  • Remove the black paper powder from the surface of the thermal head.


  • The thermal head is a part that can easily be damaged. Use a soft cloth and carefully clean the head so it does not get scratched.
  • Do not clean the thermal head immediately after printing when it is still hot.
  • Exercise caution as there is danger of static electricity damaging the head after the thermal head is cleaned.
  • Turn the power on only after the alcohol has completely dried.
Rubber roller
  • Wipe the debris on the rubber roller with a dry soft cloth.
  • Rotate the rubber roller while cleaning to make sure that the whole roller is cleaned.
Paper roll storage space
  • Remove debris, dust and paper powder and such.


  • Avoid using air when removing debris, dust and paper powder from the vicinity of the paper roll storage space.
    When air is used, the debris, dust and paper powder may be blown into the interior of the printer, causing malfunction and such.