Initialize Network Settings

Network settings that were changed such as IP address, subnet mask, disabled dynamic IP address (DHCP) can be returned to the settings when it was purchased.

When you have changed the wireless LAN settings of the main unit, and it can no longer connect to a network, try configuring the settings again after initializing the network settings. Connect Tablet/PC


  • Do not turn power off the printer when initializing. The initialization will not finish properly.

1. Initialize network settings of printer

  • Hold the RST button on the back of the device while turning on the power switch located on the side of the device. Hold down the *RST button until the printer is reset twice.
    * When the printer is reset, an initial operation sound will be heard.
  • image
  • Turn off the power of printer.


When the network settings are initialized, the following items are restored to the setting when it was first purchased.

  • Wireless setting items
  • IP address setting
  • Password setting
  • Raw Socket Print setting
  • Disconnect warning print setting