This section contains safety information for preventing harm to users of this product, to third persons, and damage to property.
Carefully read before using this product and use the product properly.

We are not liable for any damage that occurs as a result of incorrect use other than those detailed in the safety information or in the manual for this product, or for any damage that occurs due to repairs/changes made by a third party who is not part of our company or specified by our company.


  1. Turn the power off, and pull the power plug out of the electrical outlet before carrying out maintenance.
    Otherwise, it may cause an electric shock or injury if the power is on during maintenance.
  2. Do not conduct maintenance with wet hands.
    Otherwise, it may cause an electric shock.
  3. Periodically maintain the power cable.
    If usage of a damaged (e.g. cracked) cable is continued, it may cause fire or electric shock.


  1. Do not use benzine, thinner, trichlorethylene, and ketone solvents. Do not also dampen or damage the interior of this product during maintenance.
    Otherwise, it may lead to malfunctions.
  2. Do not touch any of the other interior sections that are not noted in this product manual.
    Otherwise, it may cause an injury or burns.