Paper Setup

Use paper that meets the specifications of the printer. Paper Roll Specifications

1. Turn power on

  • Set paper with the power turned on to automatically feed and cue the paper.
  • If the printer is out of paper, the Power LED flashes red.

2. Open printer cover

  • Pull the opening lever to open the printer cover .


  • When replacing paper, remove the paper core remaining in the paper roll holder.
  • 3. Set paper

    • Set the paper roll in the direction as shown in the illustration.
    Set the paper roll so that the paper is pulled out from the upper side.


  • To prevent a paper jam, carefully wind the paper tightly from the paper roll before setting it in the printer.
  • 4. Close printer cover

    • Pull the end of the paper straight out , sandwich the paper and close the printer cover .

    • Press down on both sides of the printer cover as shown below to close the printer cover .
      The setting is completed when the paper is cut automatically.


  • Remove the piece of paper that was automatically cut.
  • Paper Roll Specifications

    Use paper roll that complies to the following specifications.

    Paper width (W1)57.5±0.5 (mm)
    Maximum roll diameter (D)φ50 (mm)
    Curling dimension (W2)58.0 + 0.5, -1 (mm)
    Paper thickness53 to 75 (µm)
    AxialInner diameter: φ12±1 (mm)
    Outer diameter: φ18±1 (mm)
    Color surfaceRoll exterior
    Termination process
  • Do not glue the paper roll and axial wrapper.
  • Do not fold the trailing edge of the paper.
  • For recommended paper rolls, refer to List of recommended paper rolls.