mC-Print2 Online Manual

The mC-Print2, which supports a multi-interface connection, is available to suit your environment.
This online manual contains information that is necessary to use the mC-Print2 correctly.


Cannot print?
Cannot connect?
In such a case, please first check here.

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How to check models

There are 3 mC-Print2 models of which the supported interfaces are different.

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Setting the static IP address

When connecting the printer to the network to use it, first specify the static IP address.

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Stable Wired Network
via a Printer

A function has been added to provide a wired network connection for iOS devices via a printer by connecting a Lightning cable to the printer.

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When having problems

If you have any problems such as the power does not turn on, check Troubleshoot - FAQ.

Searching for specific information

From the "Site Search" field at the top of each page, you can easily search the entire Online manual for specific information.

Displaying contents

Use the menu to the side or the menu buttons displayed at the top of the page to select and view contents.

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