This section contains safety information for preventing harm to users of this product, to third persons, and damage to property.
Carefully read before using this product and use the product properly.

We are not liable for any damage that occurs as a result of incorrect use other than those detailed in the safety information or in the manual for this product, or for any damage that occurs due to repairs/changes made by a third party who is not part of our company or specified by our company.


  1. If there are cables that are for use with this product, always use these cables.
    The AC adapter and power cable included in the accessories are for use with this product.
  2. Do not use a power cable other than that specified.
    Otherwise, it may cause fire or electric shock.
  3. Always connect the earth cable. Connection or removal of the earth cable must be conducted with the power plug removed from the electrical outlet.
    Otherwise, it may cause an electric shock.
  4. Do not connect the earth cable to a gas tube.
    Otherwise, it may cause gas explosion or fire.


  1. Use only indoors.
  2. Do not use in locations where the product will be splattered with liquid such as water/oil, or where there is excess debris or dust.
  3. Immediately pull the power plug out of the electrical outlet if it emits heat, smoke, abnormal smells or abnormal sounds. Then contact the seller.
  4. Do not disassemble, repair or modify as doing so is dangerous.
  5. If not being used for a long time, pull the power plug out of the electrical outlet to ensure safety.
  6. Do not use at an altitude over 5,000m.
  7. Do not place any objects around the electrical outlet as doing so may prevent the power plug from being pulled out immediately should an abnormality occur.