Part Names and Functions

This section explains the names and functions of parts that are related to the basic operations of mPOP. This section also introduces how to use the accessories.

Front of mPOP

Inside of mPOP

Inside of Cash drawer/Printer

Bottom of mPOP


Front of mPOP
Paper exit
The paper, when printed, is ejected from here.
The status of mPOP is indicated through the Power LED or Error LED being lit.
LED Display
Cable outlet
The cable connected to mPOP is wired along the bottom and comes out here.
Cable outlets are located to the right and left.
Inside of mPOP
Power switch
Turns the power on/off.
Turn On/Off Power
Security slot
Attach a commercially available security cable to prevent theft.
Attach security cable
Cover opening lever
Pull this lever towards the front when setting the paper roll.
Paper Setup
Cash drawer
Stores bills and coins.
Place Bills/Coins
Prints receipts.
Push the front face of the printer to unlock and pull out the printer.

Inside of Cash drawer/Printer
Multi-Function button
Use this button for Self-Printing.
When Cash Drawer does not open
Coin tray
Stores coins.
The dividers can be set to a position that you like.
Change coin tray layout
Drawer tray
Can be removed with the bills and coins still in storage.
Utility space is found beneath the coin tray.
Printer cover
Opens when setting the paper roll.
Paper Setup
Paper roll holder
Sets the paper roll.
Paper Setup
Bottom of mPOP
Bluetooth reset button [RST]
Initializes Bluetooth settings to factory settings.
Initialize Bluetooth
USB port 0.5A [Standard]
Connects to and communicates with USB-compatible products (BCR-POP1, SCD222U) specified by Star Micronics.
In addition, it can recharge USB peripherals.
Set Up Barcode Reader
Set Up External Device (USB port)
USB port
Connects a PC with a commercially available USB cable.
When connecting using Bluetooth do not connect to a USB port .
Set Up PC
USB port 1.5A [Tablet]
Can recharge USB peripherals.
It is possible to recharge devices that require high power such as tablets.
Set Up Tablet/PC
External drawer connector- Only for devices with an external drawer connector -
Connects an external cash drawer (sold separately).
Set Up External Device (External drawer connector)
Check if the external drawer is supported
Power socket
Connects the power cable that comes with mPOP.
Connect Power Cable
Power cable hook
Wires the power cable to the cable outlet on the right and left.
Connect Cables
Bracket attachment slot
Attach to the mounting bracket to prevent mPOP from falling over.
Set Up mPOP
USB cable and DK cable hook
Wires cables for USB peripherals and external devices to the cable outlet on the right and left.
Connect Cables
Lock Release Lever
Used to open the cash drawer.
When Cash Drawer does not open


Barcode reader
Scanner window
Scan with the red light to read the barcode.
Trigger switch
Press the switch to enter standby mode for barcode reading.
Use Barcode Reader
Buzzer hole
Will beep when the barcode reader is started or when it successfully reads a barcode. To turn the beep sound on/off, go to mPOP Utility.
Use App
Lights up when barcode reading is successful.
USB connector
Connects to the USB port 0.5A of mPOP.
Set Up Barcode Reader
Tablet stand
Set on top of mPOP to make tablet operations easier.
It can be set at 3 angles depending on your usage and preference. You can also use a tablet together with a mini tablet. Set Up Tablet/PC
Usage Examples