Need Support

If that does not solve your problem, then contact the seller.

Before you make inquiries

Prepare the following information in advance.

  • Product name (POP10 / POP10B1)
  • Serial No.
    (the serial number is 16 digits and is located in the following location.)
    It is a standard printed seal in which the number starts with No., and it is located to the front of the underside of the main unit.
  • Types of device, operating system (version) and software being used
  • Details of the trouble

Notes when packaging the product

When shipping the product for repair or support, please make sure to follow the steps below to package the product.

1. Remove all objects except accessories from the main unit.

2. Make sure there are no bills/coins or objects left over inside the cash drawer.

3. Make sure there is no paper roll inside the printer.

4. Attach the protective sheet to the printer (removed at the time of purchase).

  • Peel off the releasing paper of the adhesive sheet .
  • Insert the folded areas on the left and right of the sheet into the slit area of the printer cover and secure .
  • Push in the printer cover all the way into the folded area of the sheet .
    The printer will be in a state where it is slightly opened.
  • Peel off the releasing paper of the adhesive sheet and secure .

5. Secure the printer and cash drawer with commercially available tape and such.

6. Use the original box and cushioning material to package the product.

7. Use tape and such to make sure the box is tightly sealed.


By following the steps above, damages that may occur while shipping can be prevented.