You can check basic information and settings of mPOP with the self-printing function.
The Bluetooth information that is printed is required when configuring Bluetooth settings with the host device.

As printing is conducted regardless of whether it is connected to the host device or not, the stand-alone operational status of the printer can be confirmed.

Make sure to set up the paper before performing self-printing.

Paper Setup

1. Turn power off

  • Press the power switch on the side of mPOP.

2. Pull out printer

  • Push the front face of the printer to unlock and pull out the printer.

3. Perform self-printing

  • While pressing the Multi-Function button, turn the power on.
  • Take your hands off the Multi-Function button when self-printing has started.

4. Return the printer to its original position

  • When self-printing has finished, remove the paper with the printed information, and push/return the printer until it locks with a click.
    When the printer is locked, it will move to the standby condition.
  • Confirm that the LED display is in standby.